Virtual Core Instruction Power Pack

Preventing Learning Gaps
Through Engaging Virtual Core Instruction

Designed Specifically for Distance Learning

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Classroom Management

Increase Engagement

Close Gaps

Here’s how LSI is working with districts to transform virtual core instruction with a focus on accelerating learning, increasing engagement,
and most importantly – closing history’s largest achievement gaps.

Overcome Instructional Challenges During COVID-19 Distance Learning:

Manage Your Classroom, Teach Virtually and Close Equity Gaps

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the largest disruption of education ever, with research showing all students have lost 3 months of math learning and 1.5 months of learning in reading. The loss is greater for students of color, who lost 3-5 months of learning in mathematics.1

According to EdWeek,2 student engagement is down by more than half and nearly 3 out of 4 teachers are not able to focus on delivering standards-aligned instruction during e-learning.

Now more than ever, teachers need to be able to deliver effective virtual core instruction.

Now is the time to power up your tier 1 core instruction.

If you are in a brick and mortar or a hybrid setting

Developed by experts to work in online or blended classrooms, the Virtual Core Instruction Power Pack is built upon more than 20 years of proven, evidence-based methodologies that empower teachers and students to better collaborate on rigorous, Tier 1 core instruction in virtual settings via ZoomMicrosoft TeamsGoogle Classroom, and any other platform.

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The Virtual Core Instruction Power Pack is an Intensive,
3-day Professional Development Experience Designed To:

Engage reluctant learners

Empower teacher success

Accelerate learning for all students

Close achievement gaps

Prevent traumatic social
emotional development loss

Monitor progress for
real-time learning

The Virtual Core Instruction Power Pack

Completely Flexible to Your Scheduling Needs

DAY 1 | Establishing Relationships, Routines, Roles, and Rigor

Establishing positive relationships with and among students to foster productive team and class dynamics

Creating predictable routines for accessing resources, using tech tools, and working in teams while utilizing student roles to develop self-management skills and student agency


Defining rigor in virtual learning

Analyzing taxonomy of standards in rigorous tasks and delving into the difference between complexity and difficulty


Coaching and facilitated peer feedback on implementation plans for the four R’s (relationships, routines, roles, and rigor)

Planning for next day implementation of virtual best practices, including increased student engagement, integration of SEL skills, and increased opportunities for student interaction



DAY 2 | Creating Tasks Worthy of Student Breakout Rooms

Planning lesson content by identifying the standard(s) and corresponding learning target(s)

Optimizing content for the virtual environment, which requires incorporating more student-centered interactive components in lessons


Utilizing a flipped classroom model of instruction where teacher talk time is minimized during live instruction; majority of time is spent engaged in collaborative student work

Providing content and background information in innovative ways to preserve precious live virtual instruction time for interactive tasks


Creating standards-aligned rigorous tasks that require teaming and work in virtual, blended and face to face settings

Adapting existing tasks and creating new ones that are worthy of small group collaboration to process new learning



DAY 3 | Monitoring for Learning in a Virtual World

Verifying learning and providing micro-interventions or remediations

Recognizing when students aren’t meeting learning targets and knowing how to intervene in order to prevent learning gaps


Gathering student evidence and tracking progress

Planning for how students will demonstrate learning and developing a system for recording student progress


Putting it all together to plan effective virtual lessons

Utilizing learning from all previous modules to develop rigorous, standards-driven lesson plans that fully engage students in meaningful interactive learning experiences that will translate seamlessly back to brick and mortar settings



The Power Pack is delivered LIVE by experts, is customizable with upgrades for coaching, progress monitoring tools, and provides a solution for every budget.

Power Up Tier 1 Learning

Join thousands of teachers who have partnered with LSI to implement tailored transformation approaches for student successes.

Our vision for education is to close the achievement gap. Equip all students with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Expand equity by giving every child access to rigorous core instruction that empowers learners to free themselves from generational poverty.

Power Up Virtual Learning

What They’re Saying

The virtual sessions were engaging and informative for our participants. I would highly recommend LSI for their virtual offerings—they were just right and just in time support for our department.

Jeffrey DillardCoordinator, Teacher Professional Learning and Growth, Broward County Public Schools

It was amazing. Resources were phenomenal and the presentation was enthralling. Time well spent.

Director of Curriculum and InstructionBayville, NJ

Excellent work and great training – I appreciated the real-world suggestions of what worked. I liked the sharing in breakout rooms and the ability to share lessons learned from each group. I think this might lead to more active engagement. Very cool!

High school teacherKansas City, MO

The Virtual Core Instruction Power Pack

Let LSI customize a virtual PD Power Pack for your school. It all starts with a simple call and one of our highly acclaimed, educational experts will soon be delivering 3 days of LIVE Tier 1 Core Instruction virtually in a Power Pack full of options to fit your specific needs and budget.



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