How do you Know if Core Instruction is Effective in Schools during COVID-19?

RigorWalk®: A Research-Validated Reporting Tool
Designed for Your Classrooms

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Monitor Tier 1

Implement Actionable

Close Learning

Identify the Missing Elements in Your Core Instruction and Provide Specific Feedback

RigorWalk® is a research-based tool for principals and leaders to measure the quality and effectiveness of Tier 1 instruction in brick and mortar classrooms.

An LSI walkthrough ensures consistency and effectiveness in instruction from school to school and classroom to classroom.

  • Codifies what your school-wide core instruction currently looks like – without evaluating teachers.
  • Produces easy to share, color-coded value trend reports on Tier 1 instruction.
  • Identifies the missing elements students need to master standards and overcome lost learning due to the pandemic.

With RigorWalk, principals have specific research-based indicators to monitor and provide quality feedback for all teachers who are instructing in this new educational landscape.

And it’s flexible enough to translate into virtual classrooms should your school need to pivot to virtual learning.

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If you are in a virtual or a hybrid setting

Codify Your Core Instruction

Easily identify what your Tier 1 teaching currently looks like and implement the most effective in-school core instruction possible.

Brief Visits Provide Automatic Data

Track-specific core learning indicators in up to 10 classes at a time without naming teachers. Color-coded data reports deliver actionable direction for student achievement.

Easy to Use Scientific Rubric

Quickly identify your strengths and areas of needed growth. We developed the base research metrics specifically for district and school leaders to use during COVID-19.
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Everyone is on the same page, they know the ‘look fors’ and what needs to be happening in (virtual) classrooms. Ultimately, the students benefit as we’re looking for best practices and student evidence.

Marian G. GrillCurriculum and Instruction Assistant Principal Edward Hand Middle School, PA

Overcome Lost Learning Time Due to the Pandemic

The research-based RigorWalk® provides valuable trend data as schools work to accelerate the students’ mastery of Tier 1 standards.

You Can't Fix … What You Can’t See

How can you tell if your teachers are optimizing core instruction time using the most valuable content with students and maximizing synchronous and asynchronous activities? This is what high-quality Tier 1 instruction should look like.
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Your RigorWalk® Checklist

Start monitoring your school performance NOW during the pandemic, and be prepared for a seamless transition with our virtual tool If you need to pivot to remote learning

Conditions for learning
Active student learning
Practical and purposeful technology integration
Actionable STUDENT feedback
Standards-based student evidence
Equitable learning practices
Actionable TEACHER feedback
Adaptable to virtual classrooms

Join thousands of leaders who have partnered with LSI to implement tailored transformation approaches for student success.

Our vision for education is to close the achievement gap. Equip all students with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Expand equity by giving every child access to rigorous core instruction that empowers learners to free themselves from generational poverty.

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KEY ROLES: Director, School Turnaround, middle school teacher, building administrator, district curriculum coordinator, assistant superintendent, and area superintendent – principal supervisor

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KEY ROLES: Sr. Director of District Partnership, K-12 Teacher, turnaround administrator, district curriculum director and principal supervisor, leader in organizational design and reform

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How RigorWalk® Measures Your School's Learning

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